Apartments jacuzzi close to the beach, Malaga Province

A jacuzzi is a large bathtub or it can be a small pool which can keep the water warm. As well as keeping the water warm, there are some holes where water jets or bubbles can come out and massage the body. This is very relaxing. It can be inside your Apartments, normally in the bathroom, or outside, be it in the garden or communal areas.

Jacuzzis are usually found in hotels or luxury properties. Check the property characteristics which you are thinking about booking in Malaga Province and check what type of jacuzzi you can use, it may be private or shared.

In addition, if you are looking for Apartments close to the beach in Malaga Province check out this list of properties close to the beach at the best price!

Look at the characteristics of the property that you like the most to see how close to the sea it is. You may have stunning sea views, be close to the mudflats, or have beach access a few steps away. Whichever one it is, the sea and beach will be very close to your Apartments .
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Penthouse, large terrace, pools

Two bedroom attic apartment for rent in Marbella, located in the complex Mabella Real.
This apartment is separated into two levels: bedrooms, living...

Desde 97 €

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