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Find your accommodations!

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Any questions?

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Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I search for accommodation?

On each page at Costasur.com there is a search engine located at the top and to the right of the page. Here you can introduce the dates that you would like to enter and depart from the accommodation, the number of people in your group and the city/region where you would like to stay.

Click on OK and you will be shown the accommodations available.

To the left of the results you will find a filter where you will be able to refine your search. Like this you will find the accommodation that best suits your needs.

How do I check if the accommodation is available?

All the accommodations shown on the results page are available. If you enter directly into a specific accommodation page without carrying out a search, choose the dates and click on 'Check Availability'.

How do I reserve an accommodation with Costasur?

If you have carried out an accommodation search, or have check availability of an accommodation within its page, just underneath where the price is shown you will see ' Reserve Now!'. Click on this button to be taken to the reservation screen.

If I want to make a reservation, what are the steps involved?

Making a reservation with Costasur is simple. Once you have pressed 'Reserve now' you will enter into Step 1, where you will see the characteristics of the reservation. Make sure that the details are all correct. Here you will also need to choose if you wish to take out House/Personal Insurance on the reservation. Press 'Continue' to go to Step 2. Here you will need to fill out your personal details and read/accept the reservation conditions, outlining how you wish to pay for the accommodation. If you have made a reservation with Costasur before, you can introduce your email address (providing it is the same one used previously) and all your personal details will be automatically uploaded from our system.

When you have filled out Step 2, press 'Continue' to rech Step 3. Here we give you a general summary of the reservation with your details. Please ensure everything is correct before proceeding to Step 4 where you will formalise the reservation and will be able to print off the reservation summary. Please make sure you note down the reservation number incase you need to contact us to change or cancel the reservation.

You will now be sent a confirmation e-mail with all the details of the reservation.

To make the necessary payments, please follow the instructions contained in the email.

How can I get in touch with Costasur?

By telephone: (0034) 902 502 641

By email: reservas@costasur.com

How do I pay for the accommodation?

This depends on the form of payment you chose during Step 2 of the reservation process. If you chose 'Credit Card' after Step 4 you will be taken to Paypal to carry out the payment. If you chose 'Bank Transfer', you will find details about how to carry out the payment in the confirmation email.

The easiest way to make the bank transfer is by Paypal. Use the following links to find more information on how to pay with paypal:
How to use Paypal
Help with Paypal

If you cannot pay through Paypal, you can complete a bank transfer manually. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU INCLUDE THE RESERVATION NUMBER AND EMAIL IN THE TRANSFER DETAILS.

How can I advertise my accommodation with Costasur?

The process is simple. On any page within Costasur.com you will see a box to the right with ' Are yo a Homeowner? Sign up now!'. If you click on this box you will be taken to a screen where you can fill out the details of the accommodation and begin the registration process.

How can I advertise my business with Costasur?

If you would like to advertise your business with, first you will need to go the exact page where you would like the advert to be shown. For example, if you own a Kitesurf School in Tarifa, you would be well advised to go to http://tarifa.costasur.com/en/kitesurf.html

In the pages where it is possible to register your business, you will see the sentence:

Would you like your business to appear here?
Sign up now!

Once you have clicked on this box you will be taken to the start if the registration process. We will then verify the details and send you a confirmation once the advert has made activated on the site.

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