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Rental Conditions

1. Introduction
The following document is a contract that you have agreed to honour with Ygoo S.A. We kindly ask you to read it carefully.

2. Contract Objective
Ygoo S.A. publishes private holiday accommodation rentals across the world.

3. Reservation with Costasur
You may complete a reservation at on the internet, or with our affiliates in the destination cities (office that process reservations). The completion of a reservation generates a written proof document, e-mails included, with a reservation number.

These documents signal the start of the contract that you will enter into with Ygoo S.A. and also marks the beginning of all of the rights and obligations that come with this contract on both sides, both with Ygoo S.A. and yourself.
The office that processes your reservation will send you a confirmation of the reservation. In a maximum period of 4 days, you should make the advance payment for the holiday rental, following the specific steps that the reservation centre gives you. If after 5 nights, you have not made the requested advance payment, Ygoo S.A. will release your reservation for the accommodation, making it available again to the public.

If the reservation confirmation you received differs from the description that was offered with the accommodation, and you still make the requested advance payment, it will be understood that you accept the offered conditions, and will accept the characteristics and conditions of the reservation.
You may solicit any extras that are not part of the characteristics of the accommodation that you reserve, and our reservation centre together with the property owner of the accommodation will do their best to satisfy your needs, but in no case will it turn into an obligation for Ygoo S.A. unless there is a written compromise by Ygoo S.A. that permits it.

4. Prices
The prices that you see published at represent the price per night and are divided by seasons. In the price is included the entire accommodation. If there are several accommodations offered in the same building, each one of them will be identified by a separate accommodation code. If these accommodations are identical, you will only see one description and the same pictures published for all of them.

Complementary services that have been requested by the client such as extra cleaning, pick-up service, firewood for the chimney, etc. are not included in the rental price for the accommodation, and its cost should be paid for separately, when you pay the remaining amount owed when initially entering the accommodation. The only items included in the price of the accommodation are: the accommodation itself, and anything that was specifically listed as included in the accommodation. It is also understood that the normal consumption of water, electricity, and heating are included in the price of the accommodation rental, unless listed in the conditions of the accommodation to the contrary.

The cleaning of the accommodation is usually listed apart from the rental price, but if it is not listed in the conditions of the accommodation, it will be understood that the cleaning is included in the price of the rental.
Any taxes on tourist activities that could be active in the region in which the accommodation is situated, may also need to be paid on top of the rental price.

4.1. Service Costs
If you complete your reservation through an independent Travel Agency, they may be able to claim costs for handling the reservation. This cost must be paid directly to the Travel Agency in question.

4.2. Payment Conditions
The payment conditions are reflected in the description of each accommodation. As a general rule, 20% of the total rental price must be paid as an advance payment. The rest of the rental price, together with extra services that you have contracted, must be paid at the time of key handover for the accommodation. If you have not paid the previously indicated costs, Ygoo S.A. will be exempt of its obligations derived from this contract.

4.3. Cancellations
In the case of cancellation, the advance payment for the reservation will not be returned. This will be reflected in the conditions of each accommodation in case that it is contrary to anything previously mentioned.

4.5. Changes in description and prices
The descriptions and prices that are published at are checked previously to its publication. If there are price changes in the accommodation that you have reserved, you must communicate the incidence together with the final confirmation of the reservation. In the case of any discrepancy, the information that is indicated in the confirmation of the reservation will hold the ultimate validity. Changes in price after the start of this contract are improbable, but in the unlikely case that this happens, and the difference between the amount between what you have contracted and the new change in price is significant, you will have a maximum of 5 days after communication of the price change to cancel the reservation without any cost required on your part. The amount that you have paid will be returned to you in full.

If any change in price is due to the application of new taxes or fees, or there is a significant difference because of changes in currency exchange rates and the difference in price is superior to 10% of the total cost of the reservation that you made, and this variation in cost happened 22 days before the beginning of your stay in the reserved accommodation, you may cancel the reservation without any cost to you. The amounts that have already been paid will be returned to you in full.

5. First and last day of your reservation - Shortening or prolonging your stay
Our reservation centre (in places where they are available) or the property owner of the accommodation, will be in charge of completing the key handover for the accommodation you have rented.

To identify yourself with our reservation centre or with the property owner, you need to present your reservation confirmation. The normal hours for key handover are from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The normal departure time from the accommodation is between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.
If you cannot enter or depart during the before mentioned timetable, you must give notice in advance. For key handover or other services that must take place outside of the timetable, there will be an extra fee that you must pay at the time of key handover or key return.

In the confirmation document of the reservation, you will have the information you need to contact either the Reservation Office or the Property Owner (whichever case pertains to your reservation). You should use this contact information to communicate any needs or requests before your entry date in the accommodation, or during your stay.
In the final confirmation of the reservation, the entry and departure dates will be indicated. This information will not be modified if you do not take possession of the accommodation on the indicated date, or if you abandon the accommodation before the planned departure date.
The duration of your stay may be prolonged in the case that the accommodation is available for the dates that you wish to stay, and you have payed for this extra time in advance.

6. Substitute Accommodations and Cancellation of Contract
In the case of unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from being able to occupy the accommodation that you have rented, Ygoo.S.A. will strive to offer you an alternative accommodation that is similar to the one you have rented.

If Ygoo S.A. cannot offer you another accommodation in a reasonable amount of time, Ygoo S.A. has the right to cancel or modify the duration of stay in this contract. In this case, you will be charged for any services you have used and/or for the days you have already stayed.

7. Your obligations as the contracting party
At the time of key handover, as is indicated in 4.2, you must pay the remaining amount of the reservation, as well as any extra contracted services, and the security deposit that is reflected in the description of the accommodation that, in its absence, will be a minimum of �100. No keys will be handed over if this payment is not made.

Each accommodation has a maximum occupation number, which is listed in the description of the accommodation. Under no circumstances can this maximum number of guests be exceeded.

If our reservation centre or the property owner discover that there are more people staying at the accommodation (object of this contract) than are listed in the reservation confirmation, depending on a case by case basis, some or all of people staying at the accommodation will be ordered to leave.

The accommodation and the area in which it is located is to be treated with respect. If there are complaints about the occupants, your reservation will be canceled, and the occupants in the accommodation will be ordered to leave immediately. The cleaning of the kitchen, utensils, pots, pans, plates, cups, etc. is your responsibility, and on your departure date, these items should be found clean and stored in the correct place.

If when you leave the accommodation, the kitchen isn't clean and in the condition that it was found in at the time of key handover, the cost of cleaning will be taken out of the security deposit. Any imperfection that has been caused by the contracting party or his/her companions, and/or excessive filth in the accommodation that impedes the next client being able to enter the apartment in a timely fashion, will be discounted from the security deposit, and we reserve the right to initiate legal action against you if necessary.

8. Objections and Compensations
If the accommodation is not in the condition that you saw described at, or there is a serious hidden defect in the accommodation, you must communicate this in a maximum of 24 hours from the time of key handover, to the property owner or to the reservation office. If a prudential amount of time has passed and no solution has been made, you should report this to the Responsible Office through where you made the reservation (indicated in the final reservation confirmation).

Employees at our reservation centre are not authorised to commit Ygoo.S.A. to any action or compensation. Complaints should be directed to the reservation centre/property owner, and you should use photographs or official information documents to prove your case. If you do not contact the reservation centre/property owner about the problem during your stay, Ygoo S.A. will be exempt of having to give any kind of compensation.

If there is no notification, it will be assumed that the accommodation is adequate and without defects.

9. Responsibility of Ygoo,S.A.
The description of the accommodation listed at should be accurate. To the contrary, you should communicate the problem to the Reservation Office in a maximum of 24 hours from the time of key handover. If your case is deemed to be a problem, Ygoo S.A. will act through our reservation centre in offering you an accommodation with similar characteristics. If there is no alternative accommodation to offer because occupation is full in the entire area, or you do not accept the new offered accommodation, the compensation from Ygoo,S.A. will be limited to the return of the amount you have paid.

In the case that damage has been made to personal items or materials, the limit of compensation will also be the cost of the rent that you have paid. If the damage to personal items or materials were made as a result of the following causes, Ygoo S.A. will not be responsible and will not provide any compensation:

- Damage caused by failure to act, or actions made by the contracting party or his/her companions that result in the damage
- Damage caused because of actions of negligence made by third parties not associated with services provided by Ygoo S.A.
- Damage caused by natural disasters, or unforeseen and unpreventable events.
- Damage suffered during the use of sporting installations, swimming pools, child playgrounds, etc.
- Damage suffered by cause of theft or burglary.

10. Insurance
We recommend that you contract traveler's insurance, as well as responsibility insurance that covers your stay, if it is not already covered in the traveler's insurance.

11. Expiry of Contract
Any obligation derived from this contract expires in one year from the date in which the final confirmation document was sent.

12. Lawyer and Justice Court
The relationships established in this contract will be subjugated to law, courts, and Swiss Jurisprudence. Any formal complaint made by the contracting party should be presented in the Courts in the locality of Zug. Ygoo S.A. reserves the right to execute legal action in the locality where the contracting party has his/her place of residence, or in the Swiss locality of Zug.

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