F.A.Q - Frequently Asked questions

1. If I don't have a flight number, what can I do?
2. Can I return the vehicle to a different office to the one in which I collected the car? How much does this cost?
3. Where do I collect the vehicle in the airport?
4. Can I add an additional driver to my reservation?
5. Can I include snow chains, a GPS or a child seat in my reservation?
6. Is the insurance included with the reservation?
7. What types of insurance policies are available for my car rental?
What is the difference between "All included" and "All Included without excess"?
9. How old do I have to be to rent a car?
10. Which documents do I need to rent a car?
11. Can I modify my reservation once I have confirmed it?
12. How do I cancel a reservation or apply for a refund?
13. What can I do if I want to lengthen my reservation period?
14. How can I consult the state of my reservation?
15. How much do I have to pay upon confirming the reservation?
16. How are the hire days counted?
17. Can I reserve a vehicle for today?
18. How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?
19. Why do I need to carry a credit card?
20. Can I enter into a foreign country with the vehicle?
21. Can I eradicate the excess?
22. How do I need to return the car with regard to the petrol?
23. How can I get a receipt for my reservation?
24. Emergencies
25. Incidents during the hire period