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1. Children's medicine (motion sickness, colds, cough, specific health problems the child may have).

2. Something to play with. Maximum 2 objects per child where at least one can be used without batteries (toy doll, stuffed animal, cars, barbie, etc.).

3. A good book for each adult.

4. Bed linen (Costasur usually has this, but in another accommodation, you should ask first if this is available).

5. Pajamas

6. Diapers and a small necessity bag for the baby.

7. Beach sandals, flat soles with waterproof recommended, and comfortable to walk in.

8. Bikini, bathing suit, bathing shorts, t-shirt.

9. Beach toys, rafts, arm floaties for the kids.

10. Beach umbrella, baseball hat, or anything that covers your head.

11. Sunblock, minimum 10 proof and water resistant.

12. Sand toys.

13. Extra pacifier and bottle.

14. Raincoat if necessary. Check weather before going.

15. Jacket or warm clothes.

16. Underclothing

17. Extra towel.

18. Pillow for the car.

19. Socks or stockings.

20. Scarf.

21. Travel cradle.

23. Baby stroller.