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1. Vehicle paperwork.

2. Drivers License.

3. Insurance Paperwork.

4. Car inspection paperwork.

5. Car's manual.

6. Do a tune-up on your car.

7. If the car is older than 5 years, you should take it to a mechanic to get checked out first.

8. Check the weather, carry antifreeze, snow chains.

9. Reflecting jacket (obligatory in Spain) in case of accidents.

10. Security triangle markers (you should have two).

11. An extra tire in good condition.

12. A change of lights for the entire car and tools to change them (obligatory in Spain).

13. Jack.

14. Cables to recharge the battery of the car.

15. Water

16. Oil

17. Extra keys for the car.

18. Empty gas container in case you have to walk to the nearest gas station if you run out.

19. If you are carrying luggage on the roof rack, we suggest that you carry an extra set of ties to secure the load.