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1. Sleeping bag, air mattress, warm blanket

2. Camping tent, utensils to mount the tent such as stakes, rope, hammer, guides, etc.)

3. Map of the area.

4. Comfortable clothing.

5. Raincoat.

6. Comfortable shoes.

7. Basic tool kit.

8. Glue, patch kit, sewing kit.

9. Rope, string.

10. Sewing needles

11. Eating utensils, plates and cups for camping.

12. Soap.

13. Lanterns, candles, lighter, matches.

14. Gas stove, grill, coal

15. Cooking pots.

16. Garbage bags.

17. Folding chair and table.

18. Coffee, tea, packaged soups (you'll enjoy something hot).

19. Condiments. Salt, pepper, sugar, oil and vinager.

20. Swiss knife.

21. Alarm clock.

22. Compass.