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Bus ticket Enme om GONCALVES PERDEREAU den 26/07/2012 klokken 15:14:24


I bought two places on to go to Paris Bagnolet in Lisbon by bus ALSA in the 7th of August. The departure is at 6: 00 pm and the arrival is at 8 : 45 pm the next day. 

It was Monday night ( 24/07/2012). I made the transaction through bank payment.

I still have not received anything by email and it was not debit on my account.My name is GONCALVES PERDEREAU. I'can't print anynthing.

I have to take other places ? The transaction is made ?

Thank you for your response 


Svar til Melanie den 26/07/2012 klokken 15:55:54

Dear Goncalves,


Thank you very much for contacting with


As we have no access to your booking without your booking number, we kindly ask you to contact directly with our bus provider, which is Movelia.


Please contact the Customer Service Center of Movelia, that they can confirm your booking and send you your booking confirmation by email.


The telephone numer is: +34 902 33 55 33


Thanks for your understanding.


Best regards,