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Reservation Enme om Chlo den 26/08/2016 klokken 18:05:10


I would like to book places in a bus from Valencia to Dénia with some friends. But the problem is that any of us has a credit card in our name, so we would book the tickets with my parents' credit card. Is this possible? Do we have to bring my parents' card in Valencia?  

Svar til Ruth den 29/08/2016 klokken 10:41:50

Hi Chloé!

Yes, you can pay your buses tickets with your parents' credit card. By the way, only credit cards with "Secure payments online" with a single purchase code for each payment are admitted. This code is usually sent by sms in the instant the request is sent during the payment.

The only document you need to bring with you is your passport or personal identification card, as the bus driver could ask you to verify your bus ticket.