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step Personal Data Enme om Alexandre den 09/07/2014 klokken 14:17:16



I\'ve got a problem concerning my booking process, at the step \"personal data\".

I\'m french and my friend is from Cameroon (Identity card from this country + passport).

Our trip is from Barcelona to Zaragoza.

The problem is to add our ID because the number of letters/numbers seams wrong. We tried several options (ID and passport) but nothing works.


Any one could help us please ?

Thank you !


Svar til Nina den 14/07/2014 klokken 08:52:49

Dear Alexandre,

Sorry for the late answer. To be able to help you I need to know which accomodation we are talking about. 

Kind regards,


Svar til Alexandre den 15/07/2014 klokken 18:05:41

Hello Nina,


No problem, thank you for your answer.

We want to go from Barcelona to Zaragoza by Bus.




Svar til Nina den 16/07/2014 klokken 10:02:09

In this case you have to call +34 902 646 428, they will help you. 

Kind regards,