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Bus reservations - e-tickets? Enme om [uten_navn] den 25/06/2014 klokken 02:11:05


I tried to purchase bus tickets (Algeciras - Vila Real St Antonio 8.7. for 4 persons) via ALSA web sites, but didn't manage to. Then I found, but no matter how carefully I study your sites, I still don't understand your procedure: do you send the tickets by e-mail or should we get them from somewhere (where indeed?)?

How on earth this can be so difficult, I mean to buy bus tickets or even find the schedules as there are dozens of bus operators in Spain? I was warned that there might be difficulties with RENFE, but it really was like child's play compared to this...

And, if I could purchase tickets via, does the system accept foreign credit cards (VISA)? I would like to give up the whole this thing but we have already made reservations in Algarve and would really like to get there...

I 'd be delighted if you could inform and help me. Thanks and my best regards from Finland,

Sinikka Kaarna

Svar til Nina den 25/06/2014 klokken 12:15:38

Hello Sinikka,

Let´s se if I may help you. From Algeciras you have to go to Tavira in Portugal. You may buy this ticket on our page here:

When you have arrived Tavira you may take a taxi (the trip will take about 30 min.) or another bus to Vila Real St Antonio. You may see the timetable for the bus here:

If you have any problem with the bus ticket please call 0034 902 646 428, they will help you. 

Kind regards,

Nina Hoff