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No Confirmation for Bus Ticket Enme om Jesse Ogushwitz den 31/01/2013 klokken 21:08:03

I just purchased two tickets on the 9:30am bus from Granada to Madrid on February 14, 2013 and received no confirmation. The screen kept asking me to pay even though I entered credit card informationt twice. How can I confirm if the payment went though?

Svar til Lourdes.L den 01/02/2013 klokken 12:11:24

Hello Jesse,

Thank you for contacting us. In that case, we recommend you to call Movelia, which is the bus company you booked with. The phone number is +34 902 33 55 33.


Best regards

Svar til Melanie den 01/02/2013 klokken 13:56:04

Dear Jesse,



We also inform you that there is required a spanish credit card or a foreign credit card with electronic signature to make the booking online with Movelia. If your credit card has no electronic signature accredited by your bank, the credit card will not be accepted in our booking process.

If you haven´t received any booking number or confirmation by email, the booking wasn´t done correctly.

If there was a charge on your credit card and you didn´t receive any confirmation by email, please contact us and let us know your booking number and credit card details that we can confirm your booking correctly.

We remain at your disposal for further questions or information. 

Thanks for understanding. 

Best regards,

Svar til Joanna den 15/04/2013 klokken 16:01:34

Hi Jesse,


I had the same problem. I booked my ticket from Seville to Lisbon and I didint get any confirmation by e mail. But at the end of my booking process I got that information:



     Amount   41,60  Euros    Merchant         MOVELIA BILLETES AUTOBUS    Merchant Number         30502728    Terminal         1    Order reference number         000018769831            Date         14 / 04 / 2013    Time         03 : 41      Merchant Url     AUTHORIZED OPERATION WITH CODE:  030643  



I am worry now because I got some kind of reservation numbers but there is not e mail or even information that transaction was canceled. Could you help me to clarify this situation?


Best regards,


Svar til Melanie den 16/04/2013 klokken 09:32:39

Dear Joanna,


Thanks for your message.

To check if your booking was realised correctly and to resend you the booking confirmation, we need your full name, ID and email adress. Please contact us by phone 0034 902 502 641 or by email to


We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,