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no confirmation for bus ticket Enme om Rossana den 15/11/2012 klokken 22:22:45

Salve, dà poco ho terminato bus Prenotazione per singola trasferimento a Madrid - Barcellona con PARTENZA il 2013/02/01 Alle 23,30 ed ho pagato di con carta di credito. Alla fine della pagina di pagamento e se non mi ha Confermato E chiusa la Prenotazione. Ancora non ho di Conferma Ricevuto la mail has been ma il Pagamento effettuato.


Svar til Melanie den 19/11/2012 klokken 14:14:43

Dear Rossana,


Thank you very much for contacting with


To make the booking online it´s required to use a spanish credit card or a foreign credit card with electronic signature. If your credit card has no electronic signature accredited by your bank, the credit card will not be accepted in our booking process.

If you haven´t received any booking number or confirmation by email, the booking wasn´t done correctly.

If there was a charge on your credit card and you didn´t receive any confirmation by email, please contact us and let us know your booking number and credit card details that we can confirm your booking correctly.

We remain at your disposal for further questions or information.


Thanks for understanding.


Best regards,