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Free Publication

You don't pay a penny, not even for each reservation receieved

You decide when!

Update your booking calender and prices whenever you like

Online Reservations

Avoid endless phone calls asking about availability. If your accommodation is available the reservation is automatically confirmed. With more than 10 years experience, we are the specialists in 100% online reservations for private accommodations.

SMS Alerts

We inform you as soon as you receive a reservation

Cash in hand

You receive payment in cash as soon as the client arrives

Client Guarantee

We hold personal information for every client who reserves through and they are contractually binded to strict norms with regard to the treatment of your holiday accommodation. Your accommodation is in safe hands!

At your service

Our specialised agents are always ready to help and in various languages: 956 683 109 to solve any doubt or consultation.

Online Presence

Our marketing team will optimise your advert so that it appears in the first positions in search engines such as Google.

Reservations even in low season

We work hard during low season, with our translators attracting tourism from countries such as Norway and Holland, ensuring that your accommodation recieves reservations all year round.

Homeowner Blog

We have created a blog that offers information on how to optimise your advert. Statistics and hundreds of ideas about how to make sure your accommodation stands out from the crowd.

Promotion in many sources

We promote your accommodation in all the most important national and international media outlets, assuring you that you will receive a good number of reservations.

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